This is me:


This is me on an adventurous day, well, on any day really. I can usually be found holding on to the baby with one hand, while trying to keep the toddler from some sort of grave danger with the other.

At this point, the grave danger was tumbling into the slushy Atlantic ocean off the coast of Maine. See, we (my husband is the other part of my we, let’s call him J) decided to take a walk to a lighthouse. Only the walk was on uneven blocks of cement placed haphazardly together for just under a mile, in the middle of the ocean. A perfect walk for a cold and windy day.

It seemed like a good idea to take the small humans along with us because, of course, they are excellent and skilled walkers who never whine, not ever.

I was happy we made the trip even if all our pictures turned out about like this one and I had to sing the Alphabet song 219 times to convince to toddler to keep on going. Because as the cliché say, and I am not above being cliché, it is never about the destination, but the journey.

I welcome you to this space, to experience my blessings, joys, heartaches, disappointments, mistakes, weaknesses, and Love as I do: in the moment and then retrospectively.

To learn more about my writing, please visit my page, The Writing.

@Rockland Breakwater Light

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